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#18792 fixed CSVWriter of EnhancedDatagrid has a bug with how it formats cells Evan Jared Jurkiewicz

CSVWriter of EnhancedDatagrid? has a bug with how it formats cells. Specifically it is this code:

func = this._formatCSVCell;



The problem here is that _formatCSVCell refers to 'this' in its implementation, but this deference here breaks what 'this' (if(result.indexOf(this._separator) >= 0[" \t\r\n]/) >= 0){ ... ) will resolve to (It will now resolve to window) as it is now an unattached function scope. It needs to be func = lang.hitch(this, this._formatCSVCell);

Without fixing this, any content with a , in it will fail as it won't escape the ,. We had a customer hit this issue.

Patch forthcoming.

#18790 fixed dojox/mobile/_maskUtils.js, getCSSCanvasContext no longer provided by Chrome Patrick Ruzand miken

_maskUtils.js makes a call to document.getCSSCanvasContext which is no longer provided by Chrome (ref:!topic/blink-dev/3BkcUG0DxOc).

#18789 invalid dojo's event.preventDefault() not working on dojo 1.8 version arunk89

I am upgrading the DOJO from 1.4 to 1.8 version. Now, I defined the dojo acccordian widget.I need to stop expanding Accordian widget at the onclick event.

when we used the dojo version 1.4 it worked and , We used the following snippet to stop the onclick event.

Template like below :

<div data-dojo-type="dijit.layout.AccordionContainer?" style="height: 300px;" onclick="onClickHandler">

Js like Below:

function onClickHandler(evt){



Got stucked on the following problem on 1.8 Dojo version :

As per the dojo official website , they are reporting the dojo.stopEvent() deplrecated.we need to use evt.preventDefault() and evt.stopPropagation() instead.

When I tried the onclickhandler like below , its not stopping the onclick event.

function onClickHandler(evt){

dojo.stopEvent(evt); evt.preventDefault(); Instead of the stopEvent evt.stopPropagation();


I cannot figure out the problem. Both Chrome and Firefox don't fire any error or exception, so as per my knowledge, no syntax errors.

I tried to 'return false' instead of above mentioned preventDefault & stopPropagation as well.even though its not stopping the onclick event of accordian pane.

Please help me to resolve it.

Thanks in advance

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