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#3110 fixed 0.9: Declare inheritExplicitCall falling on all browsers sjmiles Jared Jurkiewicz

0.9: Declare inheritExplicitCall falling on all browsers

UT is failing in all browsers for one of the declare tests

[object Object]: name argument ("bar") to inherited must match callee (declare.js)


(function inheritedExplicitCall(t) {var foo = "xyzzy";dojo.declare("tests._base.declare.tmp14", null, {foo:"thonk", bar:function (arg1, arg2) {if (arg1) { = arg1;}if (arg2) {foo = arg2;}}});dojo.declare("tests._base.declare.tmp15", tests._base.declare.tmp14, function () { = "blah";}, {bar:function (arg1, arg2) {this.inherited("bar", [arg2, arg1], arguments.callee);}, baz:function (arg1, arg2) {this.inherited("bar", arguments,;}});var tmp = new tests._base.declare.tmp15;"blah",;"xyzzy", foo);tmp.baz("zot");"zot",;"xyzzy", foo);"trousers", "squiggle");"squiggle",;"trousers", foo);})

FAILED test: inheritedExplicitCall ------------------------------------------------------------

#3276 fixed 0.9: Dojo support for PUT/DELETE alex Jared Jurkiewicz

This is a reminder ticket about the support for PUT/DELETE in the xhr support. There was agreement this was going in and a patch was provided some time ago for it, along with fixes for supporting setting of headers. This sort of support is really needed for things like:

SOAP Transports. ATOM Transports. REST based services that use the PUT/DELETE verbs for actions defined by REST. Etc.

#3060 fixed 0.9: Drop initial cut of dojox.wireml Jared Jurkiewicz Jared Jurkiewicz

0.9: Drop initial cut of dojox.wireml This is basically an enhancement to dojox to allow the usage of the dojo.wire capability for data binding in declarative markup. These are effectively non-visual widgets.

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