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#8268 invalid TabContainer: right border cut off on FF3/mac bill

On FF3/mac on the 1.2 branch and on trunk, the right border of TabContainers is not visible. See screenshot from test_TabContainer.html:

screen shot

Works fine on FF3 windows, IE, and Safari.

#8288 duplicate Add "inline labels" to dijits with textbox representations david

It'd be wonderful to be able to have a textbox have a label that appears within the input so long as 1) the box isn't in focus and 2) is empty. For example, say I want you to input a date in 3 text boxes. I could have this:

Date of Birth: Month: [_] Day: [_] Year: []

But that's not nearly as nice as this:

Date of Birth: [_Month] [_Day_], [_Year_]

(Yes, I realize you can use a date picker dijit here, but this is just an example.)

#8414 wontfix Menu: context menu shows up on left, not where mouse is (parallels) bill

In test_Menu.html, the context menu appears near the left side of the viewport (about 100px off of it) regardless of where you click the mouse.

Originally I thought this was an IE problem but only seems to be happening on parallels, and when using parallels it happens on IE, chrome, and firefox. Maybe something with the ctrl-shift-click that I have to do to get the menu to show up (in which case it might be related to #8406)

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