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#18795 fixed dojo/request array query parameter encoding dylan gerhard presser

in dojo 1.10 an array query parameter was encoded using array.toString(), this has been changed in 1.11

query: {param:["1","2","3"]}

1.10: url?param=1,2,3
1.11: url?param=1&param=2&param=3

I'm aware this matches the store-behavior - I just wanted to know if the change was intended.

#18794 fixed dojox/date won't load in requireJS bill bill

Since the dojox/date modules list "dojox" in the define() dependency list (or technically, ".." and "../..", they won't load in requireJS, or at least not without some configuration setting I couldn't figure out.

The quickest and safest fix is to list the dependency as "dojox/main" rather than "dojox". A better fix would be to use lang.getObject("", true) rather than lang.getObject("date.hebrew", true, dojox), or better yet lang.setObject("", { ... }). But the simple fix will do.

#18793 invalid browser compatibility error: some script files not loading in Chrome browser bill Mahee

Hi Dojo team,

I am using dojo data grid and dijit title panel in the same web page. From past several years its working fine, but recently dojo code is breaking, i suspects its because of chrome updation. But this problem is not occuring in firefox browser (working as expected). I tried all possible ways but no luck.

Following errors i am getting

Uncaught Error: Could not load 'dojo.nls.dojo_en-us'; last tried './nls/dojo_en-us.js'

Uncaught Error: Could not load 'dijit.TitlePane?'; last tried '../dijit/TitlePane.js'

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