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#195 fixed Minimal profile build is broken alex martinc

The minimal profile includes only bootstap1.js, bootstrap2.js and hostenv_browser.js, since the 'dependencies' array is empty in minimal.profile.js. However, that last file uses dojo.lang.isArray, so dojo.byIdArray (and dojo.hostenv.byIdArray) do not work in a minimal build. The (trivial) fix would be to change the 'dependencies' array in minimal.profile.js to:

var dependencies = [



#196 fixed io.bind error callback bug anonymous anonymous

If you specify error callbacks like this

function myerrorfunc(a,b,c) {...}{
 load: myloadfunc,
 error: myerrorfunc,
 url: myurl });

myerrorfunc is not called.

You have to specify error callbacks like this{
 load: myloadfunc,
 error: function myerrorfunc(a,b,c) {...},
 url: myurl });

I don't know why. Can someone explain this? see function doLoad in io/BrowserIO.js for more information. error callbacks are called in the else of the first if statement.

#198 fixed Enhancement: dojo.event.connectOnce() functionality would be nice to have anonymous [email protected]

From dojo.user:

On Thursday 10 November 2005 10:14 am, Karl Guertin wrote:
> P.S. I often find myself doing a kwConnect only because I want the
> once behavior, adding dojo.event.connectOnce would be useful to me.

File a bug?


Alex Russell

I need this functionality frequently. I think it is a common case, which should be handled with proper helper function.

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