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#142 fixed Need a short "why use dojo" article. dylan Praneet Kandula <[email protected]…>

I'm currently trying to convince the RoundCube? webmail project ( to use the dojo toolkit instead of creating it's own. It's tough for me to explain all the advantages to the project's developers because I don't know enough about dojo. I believe that to gain wide acceptance and usage (which I understand is dojo's aim), you need a short article that explains what the benefits to using dojo are as opposed to developing your own ajax toolkit, or using another one.

If you guys don't have time to do this, you can just put the main points down in bullet form, and I can try to massage those into an article, but I really think a short article like this can go a long ways toward getting people to use dojo rather than reinventing the wheel.

#143 fixed package builds should reflect the profile name James Burke dylan

The ant script for creating builds, ant -Dprofile=profileName clean release, should provide a mechanism for either adding the profile name to the dojo file name, or put in a release_profileName directory... something that makes it easy to have multiple profiles building from the same dojo checkout.

#144 invalid slideshow widget breaks when using compression system inside setOpacity method [email protected] dylan

When using the Dojo compression system with the slideshow widget, the slideshow fails inside the setOpacity method in firefox on lines that look like:;

If you have the source files in the context of the package file, the issues goes away and the slideshow plays. This is with code from svn head, with builds attempted on different machines, and with old and fresh checkouts.

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