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#9698 fixed webkitMobile=true with profile=standardCustomBase build causes "d is not defined" runtime error dylan James Burke

At least one problem is in _base.html.js:

//>>excludeStart("webkitMobile", kwArgs.webkitMobile);
	var d = dojo;

the webkitMobile removes the function() declaration and the var d = dojo declaration. However when a custom build is done with at custom base that only includes the loader, the html.js file needs to work loaded as a standalone file.

To test, do a build with the two build options mentioned in the title, then try to run the Dojo Core DOH tests.

#14801 fixed webkitMobile build profile Rawld Gill bill

Remove webkitMobile build pragmas and replace with a webkitMobile build profile that strips has("ie"), has("mozilla") etc. code from the build, and hardwires has("webkit") --> true.

Usage will be:

./ releaseDir=... action=release optimize=closure profile=webkitMobile
#4043 fixed web site marketing dylan dylan

Some comments and suggestions about how the dojo web site markets the dojo toolkit:

    I really like the support for SVG but the other day I went to the web site 
to see how I could use Dojo, especially with Rails - was totally confused in 
looking for simple examples. To capture users, Dojo needs quick examples like:
    How to use Dojo with PHP, or Rails, or Django in 3 minutes
    How to add a graph component on your web site in 3 minutes
    How to add a popup dialog box in 3 minutes

    Most users don’t have time to experiment or figure out documentation 
to even see if it’s something we want - we need solutions fast and some quick, easy tutorials get us going

    Some thoughts on what would help the marketing of Dojo… I hope the Dojo devs 
seriously consider publishing “sneak preview apps/samples” of Dojo 0.9 live on their 
site (ideally, under the “Demos” link). I had to dig into the 0.9 beta release’s code 
to find some test pages which illustrated some but not all of the new stuff (which 
does look very nice to me, I might note). If you want to convince people of how good 
your candy is, you should really show them the goods and give ‘em a taste, even if it 
is still a bit limited at this point.

    They should also seriously consider creating a page (easily found from the 
top-level page) of “here’s where it’s used” links and screenshots, to really get 
people thinking not just about “well, what can you do”, but “who’s using it?”

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