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#8304 patchwelcome consider removing this.targetAnchor Eugene Lazutkin bill

Looks like this.targetAnchor and this.current are always the same thing. Or rather, they are the same during a drag operation, and when you aren't dragging then this.targetAnchor is null.

Consider removing this.targetAnchor and just using this.current. I'm looking at doing that for Tree now.

#8351 patchwelcome onApplyCellEdit for cells with dojox.grid.cells.Bool type is called 2 times (except the first time) Bryan Forbes Kenny


Check my example. I put an alert in the onApplyCellEdit function. Click on the checkbox more than 1 time to see the problem.


#8361 patchwelcome dijit validation in grid error state doesn't blur Bryan Forbes Adam Peller

in test_edit_dijit.html enter something invalid in a currency field, like a letter. You'll get the yellow background and warning icon. Now click on another field. The dotted focus changes, but the error state remains and the dijit remains at the old location. You can't edit anything else.

I guess we could either have the focus stay on the invalid field (might have some problems of its own) but then the selection shouldn't change? Alternatively, maybe we should just let the selection change and have the old cell go back to plain text? I'm not sure we could leave a warning icon without having multiple dijits on the screen, and that breaks the model of having a single editor per grid, right?

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