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#18798 invalid dojotype dijit.form.Button not working on single click in IE9 and IE10 Miracle_rab


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I have a dojotype=dijit.form.Button, it is working perfectly in firefox and chrome but not working in IE9 and IE 10 in single click. I have to click twice to make it work. onClick event gets called in double click. My code for button is as below:

<button dojoType='dijit.form.Button' id='insertButton' <?php echo $this->perm_insert ? 'enabled' : 'disabled' ; ?> onClick=clickInsert()>Insert</button>

#18797 fixed StackContainer should allow close if onClose is not defined bill Kenneth G. Franqueiro

A change was made for #16267 which adds a guard to StackContainer? so that widgets without onClose don't cause explosions. However, the way it was added, a widget without onClose will never allow its tab to be closed, which doesn't seem particularly useful.

var remove = !page.onClose || page.onClose(this, page); would probably be a better guard.

It's arguable that this "breaks backcompat", but 1. there is no widget within Dijit that doesn't have onClose (since all still extend _Widget and that has a stub returning true), and 2. I can't imagine anyone finding the current behavior useful (other than that it prevents explosions when no onClose is present, which would still be true with the change).

#18796 fixed dojox/calendar/ViewBase doesn't respect dateClassObj dylan gerhard presser

in _setupDayRefresh() a new Date() is constructed.
instead this.newDate() should be used.

we are using custom date-objects to manage some tricky timezone-handling.

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