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#1160 fixed missing fade() function from fx -> lfx transition Bryan Forbes peter e higgins

the fx.* packages included in 0.3.1 come with a DEBUG warning not to use them, and rather use lfx.* instead. the fade() function found in src/fx/html.js did not make the transition into the src/lfx/html.js file ... the code was rewritten, but no function exists to fade an element FROM one opacity TO another value. (fadeIn -> 0..100, fadeOut 100..0) ...

this function provides a fade x..y using the same convention (read: heavily copy/pasted) as the surrounding functions in /src/lfx/html.js


dojo.lfx.html.fade = function(nodes, duration, startOpac, endOpac, easing, callback){

nodes = dojo.lfx.html._byId(nodes); dojo.lfx.html._makeFadeable(nodes); var anim = dojo.lfx.propertyAnimation(nodes, [

{ property: "opacity",

start: startOpac, end: endOpac } ], duration, easing);


var oldOnEnd = (animonEnd?) ? dojo.lang.hitch(anim, "onEnd") : function(


anim.onEnd = function(){ oldOnEnd(); callback(nodes, anim); };


return anim;


#1187 fixed [patch][cla] dojo.html.scrollIntoView bug for IE Bryan Forbes [email protected]

The supplied patch changes the IE block to allow scrolling if the parentNode of the incoming node has a total height =< scrollHeight. (was previously just less than, which in my case was bad since both values were always equal. I think to be more complete the function should allow the optional boolean parameter of whether to align with top/bottom of scroll pane but that seemed like too much work to implement for safari/other browsers. too many laptops on my desk for one bug fix :) )

#1432 invalid working? Bryan Forbes [email protected]

I've been trying to use, however it is not being called.

I put an alert inside the beginning of the function to check.

I also made sure it's being loaded, by doing alert(;

Here's the really weird thing.

The alert shows the setStyle code, however the alert I put in is not there.

So just to make sure I setup the path right in the page, I put an alert inside dojo.collections.Dictionary as well, and created a new dictionary.

The alert triggered.

Any ideas?

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