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#10666 wontfix [Feature Request] Add support for FileStores with dojox.grid.cells.Select/ComboBox Evan zephyrxero

Currently to use a Select or ComboBox? inside a grid cell, you have to define all the item values/options in the layout definition before the page is loaded. It would be extremely useful to be able to connect them to an ItemFileReadStore? or QueryReadStore? the same way you would with a regular dijit.form.FilteringSelect?.

#9305 fixed Typing error in getRowNode function of dojox.grid._Grid Bryan Forbes zengxianhong

I use Grid in my project. I found that a error happened when selecting a cell in IE 7. the error happened at line 943 of _Grid.js.

if (!(cView instanceof dojox.grid._views))

I think this may be a typing error.It should be

if (!(cView instanceof dojox.grid._View))

#12031 patchwelcome Dijit TreeSelect contribution Adam Peller Jose Moreira

I'm developing a dijit for a customer which showed interest in it being contributed to Dojo.

The TreeSelect? is an extension of a dijit.form.Select which implements a dijit.Tree as a popup

Dylan requested a patch against dojox and while discussing the issue on #dojo, dojo developers suggested (at least for now) keeping the code on a separate namespace and on a public repo as the dojox namespace is getting "crowded".

I have the code on :

and hosted on

More information is on the README file

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