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#8168 fixed [regression] TabContainer: nested layout widgets from href bill

See test_TabContainer.html, on the "Sub TabContainer from href". Nothing shows up.

Regressed in 1.2.2.

#8198 fixed TabContainer: overlaps text below TabContainer in doLayout=false mode (IE6 only) bill

There's a glitch on IE6 (only) where a TabContainer w/doLayout=false will overlap the text below the TabContainer. See test_TabContainer_noLayout.html for test case.

The problem goes away when you move your mouse over the TabContainer.

Here's a screenshot of the problem. Notice the TabContainer's border overlapping with the bottom line of text:


And here's how it should look and how it does look after moving the mouse over the subtab 2 label:

glitch fixes itself just by moving the mouse

#8205 fixed mail demo failing on trunk (IE) bill

Mail demo fails to load on IE w/an exception. Works on 1.2 but failing on trunk.

Looks like the error in BorderContainer? initializing when hidden, although my latest checkins should have fixed that.

Also need to find the other ticket about BorderContainer failing initialization due to negative values, and reopen it (in favor of this ticket)

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