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#1125 invalid [patch][cla] dojo.html.overElement() fails for span Bryan Forbes guest


when an inline-element is wrapped, there are cases when html.overElement erroneously returns false. Our setup: we have a longish text, with tooltip-enabled spans:

summer belongs to Greece. September: Develops «Morphoride», a bus map 
through Morphopolis with 32 bus-stops visualized as Panoramas on canvas 
and as quick time movies. October: He finishes Morphopolis and 
Morphoride. Travels to China. Meets his friend 
<SPAN class="blue" id="connect-8-5">
  Dieter Zimmer
  <A href="" dojoType="tooltip" toggleDuration="500" toggle="fade" connectId="connect-8-5" style="display: none">
, professor for industrial design 

some of them end up being wrapped. Holding the mouse over the lower (wrapped) part of the span does nothing, while positioning the mouse above and scrolling down (using the arrow-keys) works, because no onMouseMove-events are triggered.

We have found that this is because html.overElement does not deal with wrapped inline elements.

Here is a proposed Fix, which does not solve all problems (there is still an area to the right of the upper part of the wrapped element where html.overElement returns true, and elements that are not wrapped have a similar problem on the left side), but works well enough for our needs:

--- src/html.js 2006-06-12 23:18:26.000000000 +0200
+++ src/html.js 2006-07-13 16:22:56.434106957 +0200
@@ -497,13 +497,30 @@

    var top = getAbsoluteY(element, true);
-   var bottom = top + getInnerHeight(element);
+    var height = getInnerHeight(element);
+   var bottom = top + height;
    var left = getAbsoluteX(element, true);
-   var right = left + getInnerWidth(element);
+    var width = getInnerWidth(element);
+   var right = left + width;

- return (mouse.x >= left && mouse.x <= right &&
+  var result = (mouse.x >= left && mouse.x <= right &&
    mouse.y >= top && mouse.y <= bottom);
+  if(result) return true;
+  // Check whether we are hovering over the lower part
+  // of a wrapped inline element:
+  var prnt = element.parentNode;
+  if(prnt) {
+    left = dojo.html.getAbsoluteX(prnt, true);
+    height = height / 2.0;
+    top += height;
+    right = left + width;
+    result = (mouse.x >= left && mouse.x <= right &&
+      mouse.y >= top && mouse.y <= bottom);
+  }
+  return result;

 dojo.html.setActiveStyleSheet = function(title){

See the setup and a patched 0.3.1 in action:

I'll get my signed ICLA on the fax tonight hopefully,


Hannes & Maege

#1127 fixed Bug in animation effect (IE only) Bryan Forbes ilia

When I animate tree node with toggler="fade", empty div fades into visibility as empty block in IE, while it is nothing in FF.

This happens because of ZOOM:1 style property.

this code becomes visible empty block, not "nothing" as it should
<DIV class=TreeContainer style="FILTER: ; WIDTH: auto; ZOOM: 1" dojoDisplayCache="undefined"></DIV>
#1149 wontfix notify when queued request is fired Bryan Forbes Grzegorz Tańczky

I suggest to add callback function whch is fired after this line:

(this.requestQueue.length == 0)){ return; }

in fireNextRequest function

it is useful to be informed when request is fired, for example in fileuploads using IFrameIO

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