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#18805 duplicate Dojox Socket Reconnect options dylan j105rob

TypeError?: Cannot read property 'reconnectTime' of undefined(…) "in domReady callback" "TypeError?: Cannot read property 'reconnectTime' of undefined

options parameter reconnectTime referenced before assignment.

options = options || {}; 

above line should be before reference to options.reconnectTime.

dxSocket.Reconnect = function(socket, options){
                // summary:
                //              Provides auto-reconnection to a websocket after it has been closed
                // socket:
                //              Socket to add reconnection support to.
                // returns:
                //              An object that implements the WebSocket API
                // example:
                //              You can use the Reconnect module:
                //              | require["dojox/socket", "dojox/socket/Reconnect"], function(dxSocket, reconnect){
                //              |    var socket = dxSocket({url:"/comet"});
                //              |    // add auto-reconnect support
                //              |    socket = reconnect(socket);
                var reconnectTime = options.reconnectTime || 10000;
                var checkForOpen, newSocket;
                options = options || {};
#18804 fixed Missing icon for expando node in flat theme dylan primejunta

To reproduce: # Open the flat theme tester at /dojo/themes/flat/tests/flat.html # Open the dijit/Tree accordion pane #* Observed: tree expando nodes displayed as blue squares with E60D or E60R in them, rather than + or - icon

#18803 fixed keep class id if is empty string in create() dylan dylan

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