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#12350 wontfix Tooltip: when rendered 'above' an anchor, mis-renders on IE7 Andy

The arrow portion of the tooptip is mis-aligned when the tooltip is rendered 'above' in IE7

Below, left and right tooltips are OK. All orientation of tooltips is OK in IE9 - not tested IE8.

#157 invalid Restore Misc content on anonymous Anthon Pang <[email protected]…>

The content linked to from:

was either replaced with a page of links or deleted by anonymous users. Restore content from previous versions. Affected Trac wiki pages:

TracTodo TracInstallNotes TracWishlist

#164 wontfix should be redirected to Dustin Machi Anthon Pang <[email protected]…>

Currently, takes you to a directory index (showing index2.html and cgi-bin/)

For consistency, perhaps should be a redirect to, instead of an alias. (At least until Dojo Foundation has its own pages at

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