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#3439 fixed when close a tab pane with focus on the tab title, visible focus is lost davidb Becky Gibson

With focus on the tab title of a closable tab pane, click on the close icon. There is no longer visible focus on any element. Focus should go to the next tab title and it should become the active pane.

#14167 worksforme when builder is interrupted by ctrl+c, orphan procs are left in node Rawld Gill Colin Snover

Related to #13202.

When using node.js, if you hit ctrl+c to interrupt the process a few milliseconds after it has printed “starting parsing resource...”, optimizeRunner.js processes are often left running orphaned in the background, same as #13202, spinning at 100% CPU. This issue is timing-critical as I am not able to reproduce it every single time, but it does happen with the release version of 1.7 builder.

#13202 fixed when builder crashes during optimizing, orphan procs are left in node Rawld Gill Rawld Gill

optimizer is run as several independent procs; if one of them crashes, the whole builder crashes

And when the builder crashes during optimization it leaves orphaned procs.

Also, the file "null" in build scripts is left and constantly updated as a result of this behavior

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