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#802 fixed revert style.js to normal formatting Bryan Forbes bill

(reminder for alex) Revert style.js to normal formatting so that the doc tool can parse it, and also so people reading dojo code don't get confused by an unusual format.

#813 invalid dojo.lfx.toggle.fade.hide slow in certain situations Bryan Forbes [email protected]

Not sure what elements caused the issues, but there is an app I'm working on where I have a SortableTable? used to select items to "view the detail" of. The detail section would fade in/out below the table. Within that section there are 3 input fields/date picker icon/image submit icon.

The fade in/out became pretty un-usable in this situation (though it was very fast in other sections with similar forms). Perhaps the animation can do a quick spot check of #child nodes contained in the targeted fade area and do some optimizations appropriately, like only fading on span/div elements - perhaps adding a small amount of fade to input fields/images - but only at the last minute to save rendering performance...?

I've done a similar sort of thing when doing dumb yellow highlights of changing regions of data when the node count gets very high.

Hit me up on im and I can give you the ip/login info to play with the app in question. (a sitepen app )

#902 fixed [patch][cla] Progress Bar Widget coming soon? Bryan Forbes [email protected]

Is there a Progress Bar widget coming soon?

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