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#1378 invalid when referencing this.parent it skips a level inside widgets - BUG? dylan [email protected]

I have two widgets. One child and one parent.

<div dojoType="ParentWidget?" id="parent">

<div dojoType="ChildWidget?" id="child">



Both widgets have their template string set like this:

templateString: "<div dojoAttachPoint='containerNode'></div>"

Now, if I do this inside postCreate of

the child widget

I get the parent widget:

Inside Child Widget:

postCreate() {



However, if I set a reference to the parent widget like this:





isContainer: true, templateString: "<div dojoAttachPoint='containerNode'></div>",

parentWidget: this.parent, ...

And now do


inside postCreate I get

Alert Box Result:

[object Window]

#6544 fixed when moving dialog, popups (tooltipdialog etc) stays open liucougar liucougar

open test_Dialog.html, click the first button, click into field Date (or Time), so that the popup is shown

now try moving the dialog around, the opened popup won't be closed

my proposed solution is to change line 61 in dojo/dnd/Movable.js from




so that the event can propogate to the top document and the diijit popup manager can close any opened popups properly, while preventDefault will prevent the mouseDown event to select anything

(I think there may be some other dojo.stopEvent in dijit/dojo which should be changed to preventDefault too)

#1444 worksforme when destroying the children, the tree.children.length keep increasing ilia [email protected]

I've created a tree widget that has new content as the user click on the server. the parent (always the same) will have 4 children always: Host, CPU, NIC, Partition. However, the grandchildren will always be different.

When I destroy the children, I assume that it has 4 children. However, when I debug this, the tree.children.length always increases by multiple of 4. Is this an expected behavior. I used DOJO 0.3.1. if I just use a fixed length (4), the tree children doesn't get destroy and I will get duplicate.

Here is the snippet of code:

.. pane = dojo.widget.byId("pane1"); tree = dojo.widget.manager.getWidgetsByType("Tree")[1]; dojo.debug("Number of children:"+tree.children.length); for(i=0;i<tree.children.length;i++) {


} .. .. inode = dojo.widget.createWidget("TreeNode?", {title: "Host"}); tree.addChild(inode); cnode = dojo.widget.createWidget("TreeNode?", {title: "Hostname:"}); inode.addChild(cnode); .. .. inode = dojo.widget.createWidget("TreeNode?", {title: "CPU"}); tree.addChild(inode); .. .. inode = dojo.widget.createWidget("TreeNode?", {title: "NIC"}); tree.addChild(inode); .. ..

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