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#14098 fixed error of null property in scrollable.js findDisp() ykami zhangyp

The user reported null property problem in scrollable.js. I checked the latest nightly code. It does not do checking on parentNode in findDisp(). And it would be easy to provide a fix for that.


I just downloaded the rc1 code and while preforming a transition to a dynamic ScrollableView?,

I encountered the following error "Cannot read property 'childNodes' of null".

so after tracing it back, I found that it was caused by the findDisp() found in

where it does not check if domeNode has a parent or not before accessing it's children nodes.

concerning the scenario, it is similar to the case that I addressed earlier with PerformTransition? issue #14082,

but earlier I was dealing with View and SwapView? only.

Anyways after modifying findDisp() code and checking if parent node exists, problem was solved!


#14121 fixed [patch] simplifying object inheritance and doc update to dojox/css3/transit* Adam Peller zhangyp

This patch remove the dependency to dojo/_base/declare in dojox/css3/transition and use the simple javascript object inheritance. It also update the doc in the code.

#14200 patchwelcome [task] create separate tests for transition modules in dojox/css3 Adam Peller zhangyp

This ticket is used to track the creation of tests for transition modules in dojox/css3, which is mentioned in ticket#14121. I will submit patch for tests in this ticket.

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