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#18818 fixed [regression] dojo.locale broken on Android bill bill

As per the change in #18722, dojo.locale doesn't get set correctly on Android anymore.

Specifically, delite/tests/functional/DojoParser.html is failing to show dijit/CalendarLite and the root cause is that in config.js:

var language = navigator.languages ? navigator.languages[0] : (navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage);

navigator.languages[] is an empty array rather than null or undefined.

From a quick read of it looks like this is intended behavior in Android and thus the bug is in dojo.

Note that dijit/tests/CalendarLite.html loads correctly because it defines the locale explicitly.

#18817 fixed Release build scripts not including flat theme dylan dylan
#18816 fixed dojo/request/util/parseArgs() corrupts ArrayBuffer, Blob and File data sent with POST requests dylan patatruc


With XMLHttpRequest, you can send an ArrayBuffer?, a Blob or a File to a server :

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", req, true);
var arrbuf = new ArrayBuffer(3);
var i8array = new Int8Array(arrbuf);
for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) i8array[i] = i;

It sends [0, 1, 2] to the server.

The same with dojo/request *does not work* :

var arrbuf = new ArrayBuffer(3);
var i8array = new Int8Array(arrbuf);
for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) i8array[i] = i;
request(req, { method: "POST", data: arrbuf });

It sends an *empty string* to the server. There are similar dysfunctions with Blobs and Files.

The problem lies in the parseArgs function, request/util.js, line 130 :

exports.parseArgs = function parseArgs(url, options, skipData){
	var data =,
		query = options.query;

	if(data && !skipData){
		if(typeof data === 'object'){ /* <===== HERE ======== */ = ioQuery.objectToQuery(data);

typeof data === 'object' returns true if data contains a Blob, an ArrayBuffer? or a File, the data is then wrongly handled as if it were a name/value mapping object.

To avoid this error, this test should be replaced with something like this :

if(typeof data === 'object' &&
	!(data instanceof ArrayBuffer || data instanceof Blob || data instanceof File) {
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