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#10730 duplicate ComboBox / FilteringSelect: Show an inital text Andre Steenveld

Show an initial text in the combo box before any selection has taken place.

#2516 wontfix dojo.charting.Chart problems in IE Tom Trenka [email protected]

test page: Server is sometimes down, in which case chart will not show. Send email and I will re-start it.

Problem 1: There are three traces on the chart. IE does not show the third trace on the chart until you press the browser's STOP button. It then shows the entire trace. In Firefox, all three traces always appear. Experimentation shows that IE will never show the last trace in the chart until the stop button is pressed, regardless of the number of traces.

Problem 2: IE formats the Y axis labels according to the pa.padding.right (in this example set to 50 to get incorrect label positions. If I change pa.padding.right to 20, the Y axis label positions are correct (see In Firefox, pa.padding.right has no impact on the Y axis label positions.

#2517 wontfix Possible efficiency improvement for chart lines in VML Tom Trenka [email protected]

In dojo/src/charging/vml/Plotters.js, line 536 (the Line: plotter) there is:

if (i==0){

cmd.push("m"); cmd.push(x+","+y);


cmd.push("l"); cmd.push(x+","+y);


My reading of the VML spec suggests that the following is equally correct, and results in a shorter command set. It works in IE7.

if (i==0){


}else if (i==1){




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