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#732 fixed [lfx] Problem with chaining two opposing effects together.. Bryan Forbes [email protected]

The following code does not work (fadeOut works fine, but fadeIn does not work at all):

var fadeOut = dojo.lfx.fadeOut(dojo.byId('element'), 750); var fadeIn = dojo.lfx.fadeIn(dojo.byId('element'), 750); dojo.lfx.chain(fadeOut, fadeIn).play();

In IRC, Bryan said the following:

[Wednesday, 05/17 - 01:06:44 PM] mxpxpod: flashbang: that's because when you instantiate the fadeIn, it's grabbing the values from the node at instantiation

Instead, in order to get this code to work, it needs to be structured this way:

dojo.lfx.fadeOut(dojo.byId('victim'), 750, null, function(){ dojo.lfx.fadeIn(dojo.byId('victim'), 750).play() }).play(1500);

This bug affects not just the fade effects, but also the wipe and slide effects.

#740 wontfix [lfx] Need a generic toggle function Bryan Forbes [email protected]

A very common use-case for the lfx functions is to toggle a certain element with a certain effect (fade, wipe, etc.). The current toggle code does not support this, rather, it just provides an additional wrapper on top of the lfx functions.

So that means, while I can do or hide(), I can't just do dojo.lfx.toggle.wipe(), which is the common use case I was talking about above.

The function below should do the trick providing a simple toggle function for the types supported in lfx/toggle.js (thanks to ttrenka and dmachi for their help!):

function dojo.lfx.toggle(node, toggleType, duration, easing, callback) {
     var t = toggleType || "plain";
     var action = ( == "none") ? "show" : "hide";
     dojo.lfx.toggle[t][action](node, duration, easing, callback);
#774 fixed mark dojo.fx, dojo.Animation as deprecated Bryan Forbes bill

Dojo.fx etc. has been deprecated by dojo.lfx. Mark it to be removed in version 0.4 or 0.5.

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