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#15318 fixed when use dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid throw an error 'dojo.dnd.manager is not a function' in dojo 1.8 jzw jzw

file: dojox/grid/_View.js error line: var oldMakeAvatar = dojo.dnd.manager().makeAvatar; firebug: dojo.dnd.manager is not a function

#47 fixed when should the * syntax be used? alex psowden

dojo.require("dojo.xml.htmlUtil"); works but dojo.require("dojo.xml.htmlUtil.*"); barfs.

Is the distinction defined, is this buggy, or something else?

#13492 fixed when select the inserted emotion icon,the emotion's selection range place in wrong postion on firefox hengly

1.visiting the

2.insert two emotions the second one,then select to first one

Got: the emotion's selection range place in wrong postion

Please see the screenshots.

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