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#13832 fixed [patch] adjust doc comments in kernel.js to help generation of api doc bill zhangyp

This patch helps preview.php to generate api doc for dojo/_base/kernel.js. We need to move the comments to the head of the file to ensure the api doc can be generated by preview.php

#13834 fixed [patch] add apic doc return types and summary for dojo/_base/Deferred bill zhangyp

This patch add return types and summary for api doc of dojo/_base/Deferred and also adjust the sequence of using '=' to set value so as to help generate the api doc.

#14082 invalid transition to dynamic view fails on safari mobile browser ykami zhangyp

This bug is reported by user on dojo-interest. We need to check whether it can be reproduced on latest code and figure out how to solve the problem by root cause. I am asking the user to provide his test case so that it could help on understanding of the problem.

while building a mobile app, I extended's PerformTransition?() to handle and require missing files dynamically then it recalls itself to continue with the transition. it works fine on PC browsers but fails on iphone safari browser and the following error is enountered "NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8: An Attempt was made to reference a Node in a context where it does not exist."

after tracing it back, I found that the error is caused by a "Workaround for iPhone flicker issue (only when scrollable.js is loaded)" found in - Line 361 and the exact code that is failing is "win.body().removeChild(dm._iwBgCover);"

using dojo-1.7.0-b6, so it could be a bug!

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