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#18927 fixed ColorPicker Hue Change does not trigger a change event dylan AnKi

When setting the Hue value with the mouse by either clicking or dragging the handle, the change event is not fired. I tracked down the location in the code, which seems to be (for me), in dojox/widget/ColorPicker.js, line 509, in the _setHuePoint Method.


should be

#9497 duplicate dojo.query of [attr$='suffix'] returns non-matching hidden fields dylan Andre Steenveld

The "[attr$='suffix']" query gives some unexprected results. For some reason or another the hidden field is always included when it has the attribute eventhough the suffix of the value doesn't match the query. I have tested this in FF 3.0.11, Opera 9.63 and IE 7. ttrenka tested it in FF 3.5 where it seem to work as expected. Attached are two testcases, one with only form elements and another with a span element aswell.

#10070 wontfix [patch] [cla] Nested data in a QueryReadStore Kris Zyp Andre Steenveld

It is not possible in the current version of to access the members of nested objects.

I have written a little demo as an example: click

Link to the "fixed" class: click

A patch and unit tests are being written as you read.

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