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#727 fixed [lfx] Highlight effect doesn't work if element has a background image.. Bryan Forbes [email protected]

The highlight effect does not work if the element the effect should be performed on has a background-image specified.

Ideally, the code should work as follows:

1) Check if the element has a background image. 2) If it does, store the background image into a variable, and set the background-image to none. 3) Perform the highlight effect. 4) Upon completion of the highlight effect, restore the background-image (if the element originally had one).

#728 fixed [lfx] slideTo/By does not work if element is not absolutely/relatively positioned. Bryan Forbes [email protected]

The slideTo and slideBy methods do not work on an element unless the element has:

position: relative;


position: absolute;

specifically declared in the CSS.

If the code requires the element to be positioned absolutely or relatively for it to work, then it should take care of this automatically, even on elements that aren't declared as position: relative/absolute.

The majority of elements on pages are not absolutely or relatively positioned, so this really limits the usefulness of the effect.

#731 invalid [lfx] Wipe effect bugs.. Bryan Forbes [email protected]

1) If an element has it's height set through CSS, and a wipeIn effect is called, followed by a wipeOut effect, the element does not preserve it's height at the end of the wipeOut effect.

2) If an element has padding, the wipe effect is not as smooth. The wipe effect as it goes over the padding of the element is sudden/jerky compared to the wipe effect as it goes over the actual content of the element.

The testcase for both bugs is at: (test out the wipe effect). Page requires refresh after using the wipe effect once to return element to original height.

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