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#163 fixed Underlying listboxes are rendered on top of dialog widget anonymous [email protected]

If the underlying page has listboxes, they are rendered _above_ a dialog and dialog's background. These listboxes are fully functional and can be manipulated by user.

I suspect that <iframe> would help but I didn't try it yet.

#165 fixed Dialog widget places form dialog outside visibale area in konqueror david fredrik dot j at bredband dot net

The Dialog widget places the dialog in the middle of document instead of middle of visible area in konqueror. It also turns the background completly black, but I guess thats because Konqi doesnt support opacity yet..

Anyways If you change line 120 of Dialog.js in rev 1834 from

var H1 = document.documentElement.clientHeight;


var H1 = (window.innerHeight)?window.innerHeight:document.documentElement.clientHeight;

then it places in middle of visible area in konqi to.

I have only tried this change in Konqueror 3.4.3 and FF 1.0.7

/ Fredrik J

#166 fixed [patch] HtmlComboBox - comboBoxValue not being populated. alex [email protected]

When the selectOption method is called in the HtmlComboBox? the following code is executed.

this.comboBoxValue = tgt.getAttribute("resultName");
this.comboBoxSelectionValue = tgt.getAttribute("resultValue");

However comboBoxValue and comboBoxSelectionValue are inputs. I think the code should read:

this.comboBoxValue.value = tgt.getAttribute("resultName");
this.comboBoxSelectionValue.value = tgt.getAttribute("resultValue");
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