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#13 fixed we should have a wiki article covering the compressor system alex alex

we include a Jar file in our SVN that handles our whitespace stripping code, and it's a little opaque right now. We need an article that outlines what it is, what it does, how to use it, and how the Dojo build process uses it.

#14 fixed widget parent/child relationships not correclty set when building from parsed result set alex alex

Widget parent-child relationships are not correclty initialized when children of a container widget (isContainer = true) are initialized. Likewise, widgets that are built without an explicit parent do not specify the root widget as their parent. Also, the current DOM implementaiton of container widgets completely destroys any container-specific UI by setting innerHTML of the domNode property to (essentially) nothing.

#15 fixed CSS does not set text color on Dojo front page. tom alex

An anonymous commenter on the Wiki said: NOTE: but the templates of the dojotoolkit homepage are also terrible and are probably not covered by this :P

The following is broken. It's missing #link {color: }, #visited {color:}, and even body {color: }.

body {

margin : 0; margin-top : 12px; padding : 0; text-align : center ; font-family : lucida grande, verdana, helvetica ; font-size : 87%; /* background-color : #ededde; */ background-color : white; background-repeat: repeat-x; background-image: url("img/bg-fade.png"); /* fades from #cccccc to white */


Maybe you did'nt notice, but the default colours of a web page are not defined, they can be white on black. So when you set the background, you should set the foreground as well. Otherwise, it may render hardly visible or completely invisible.

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