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#18506 invalid "fx.fadeOut" does not call the function onEnd passed as "__FadeArgs" argument 65KrivonosovAV 65KrivonosovAV

The fx.fadeout function is called In the body of the dijit.Dialog.hide() function. The fx.fadeout function is called with the arguments __FadeArgs {..., onEnd: function(){...}} but the onEnd function is never called. Renaming "onEnd" to "onStop" solves the problem.

#8294 fixed dojox.grid.Grid leaks domNodes/memory in IE Nathan Toone 7twenty

Using sIEve to view dojox/grid/tests/test_data_grid.html shows that the dojox.grid.Grid leak domNodes/memory.


  1. Open dojox/grid/tests/test_data_grid.html
  2. Click on any row in the Grid
  3. Click about:blank

Result: 22 leaks

Expected Result: No leaks

#8434 fixed [patch] [cla] PasswordValidator: "Old Password" field is always set to "" on blur Nathan Toone 7twenty

The PasswordValidator? control doesn't seem compatible with the _setValueAttr changes made back in August. The "Old Password" field is always set to "" on blur.

Steps to duplicate:

  1. Comment out the automated tests in dojox\form\tests\test_PasswordValidator.html line 87 (
  2. Load dojox\form\tests\test_PasswordValidator.html in a browser
  3. In the first "Old Password" field, type in the old password (oldpw2) and press tab

Results: The field is set to "" and marked as invalid

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