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#1107 patchwelcome Feature Request: Pure JS Input Masks dante [email protected]

Greetings, any takers on the idea of creating a set of widgets/function(s) to perform pure JS input masking on text fields/areas. This would be a very-nice-to-have tool in the dojo arsenal since IE7 breaks most of the HTC behaviors which provide this functionality, while FF doesn’t support them at all.

Some of the most popular uses would be for date/time, phone/fax, currency, postal code, SS/tax-id and ip address fields. When combined with the existing validation routines, masks such as these would provide a very rich set of common GUI-side tools that would make dojo a must have (or must have it even more now) for many web-app developers.

#1743 patchwelcome editor2: zoom liucougar guest

it would be nice to be able to zoom in/out an document in the editor2-widget. possible solution for IE:; don´t know about FF.

#1773 patchwelcome [dojox.widget] Wizard should focus the first input box, widget or not dante [email protected]

It would be extremely usability friendly if the wizard widget panes by default always focused the first usable input field, whether it be a ValidationTextbox?, or something similar or just a plain old input field.

Of course it should be user definable whether or not this should happen, or perhaps even a WizardPane? level setting focusID='foo'...

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