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#17633 fixed dijit.form.DropDownButton doesn't close dropdown in IE10 and IE11 when loses focus zuzusik

Steps to reproduce:

Click on dropdown button -> dropdown is opened. Click somewhere outside -> dropdown is still opened.

Expected result - dropdown is closed.

You can clearly see this behaviour running tutorials on

IE version - 11.0.9600.16428 IE10 tested in IE11 emulation mode - also doesn't work.

Works fine in IE9 (tested in IE11 emulation mode)

#7885 fixed dojox.layout.ContentPane containing a widget with fixed ID can't be refreshed Sam Foster zumbo

I have a dojox.layout.ContentPane? which I'm dynamically updating with content that includes other dojo widgets to which I've assigned an ID. In 1.1.1, this worked fine, but in 1.2.0, I'm getting:

Error parsing in _ContentSetter#Setter_centralPane_0 Error: Tried to register widget with id==innerWidget but that id is already registereddojo.js (line 211) already called!

It seems the old content isn't destroyed, so the new one, which contains an identical ID, can't be created. The error happens bot in FF2 and IE7. Using attr("content", ...) instead of setContent(...) has the same effect.

#16100 fixed [patch][CCLA]Surface resizing fails to resize horizontally on Chrome Patrick Ruzand ztravis87

When resizing a surface with surface.setDimensions, if the set width is smaller than the current width, the displayed image does not resize. For example, this test page: fails to resize horizontally when going from 500x500 to 300x300. I can trigger a resize by inspecting the element or fetching the node by id. This might be a Chrome/Chromium/WebKit? bug - I am running Chromium 18.0.1025.168 on linux and a co-worker has reported the same issue on Chrome 22 (also on linux), but I do not see the issue on FF 14.0.1

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