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#335 duplicate wipe effect doesn't work for floating panes Bryan Forbes bill

Test: In test_Toggler.html, click the circled 3 in the upper right.

#425 wontfix FisheyeList zoom isn't smooth Bryan Forbes [email protected]

I'm using FF1.5 on Linux. I've checked FisheyeList? demo. Zoom isn't smooth. I've noticed that list's view is updated only after I stop moving mouse or when I move mouse very slowly.

#456 wontfix getElementsByClass fails on mozilla richedit content Bryan Forbes [email protected]

getElementsByClass function seems to work fine on the html editor richtext part in ie, but fails miserably to deliver anything in content within the mozilla rich text editor.

a href within the rich text content with a class="myFaces_SpellingError". The href is shown and triggerf

now if I trigger following code: var errorHrefs = dojo.html.getElementsByClass("myfaces_SpellingError", document,"*",0); errorHrefs is an empty array while on the same content the whole thing is returned back as an array with all the hrefs set to class="myfaces_SpellingError"

I am not sure if this is fixable, a workaround is to set the code directly within the href which has to be triggered instead of pushing it in afterwards. via dom element alteration, so that getElementsByClass calling is not needed. As I said I am not sure if this is fixable, but definitely worth an investigation.

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