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#14 fixed widget parent/child relationships not correclty set when building from parsed result set alex alex

Widget parent-child relationships are not correclty initialized when children of a container widget (isContainer = true) are initialized. Likewise, widgets that are built without an explicit parent do not specify the root widget as their parent. Also, the current DOM implementaiton of container widgets completely destroys any container-specific UI by setting innerHTML of the domNode property to (essentially) nothing.

#8284 fixed widget jumps to top of screen on focus Douglas Hays bill


I assume this is a problem w/the scrollIntoView() code rather than something w/slider.

See attached test case.

Reproduced on FF and Safari, didn't try IE.

#701 fixed widget infrastructure: make args and frag class variables bill bill

This is from a discussion w/Scott a long time ago (6 months ago).

  1. Make args & frag class variables (inside Widget.js) so that you don't have to keep passing them to every single function (like fillInTemplate, postCreate, etc.)
  1. Streamline existing code to use new system
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