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#7279 patchwelcome FilteringSelect does not correctly set value when two or more options have the same display (but different values) thecatwhisperer

FilteringSelect? that contains 2 or more items with the same display value (ie: two options of "R. Smith") but different values (specified by the store's identifier) cause the FilteringSelect? to always select the first value it finds.

This happens consistently in IE6+ & FF2+.

We do believe there is precedent for multiple items with the same display value (ie: individual names).

When a user initially selects the item, the correct item is identified, but some time after the "_callbackSetLabel" method is called in FilteringSelect?, the value is changed to the first item with the selected display value found.

For example:

I have a Filtering Select with the following data:

    {name: "J. Smith", key: 1},
    {name: "R. Findley", key: 2},
    {name: "R. Findley", key: 3},
    {name: "F. Clark", key: 4}

The store is set with the identifier as "key".

The Filtering select correctly lists the items in order.

When I select the 2nd "R. Findley", and debug, it does select the one with the key of "3", however after the "_callbackSetLabel" method is called, the field reports its value as "2".

It seems as if it is searching based on name, rather than the proscribed identifier.

I've taken a look around and could not find an example of this working properly.

#7304 fixed Selection doesn't follow row when sorting in DataGrid Bryan Forbes

When sorting a column after selecting a row, the selection should follow the item selected rather than the row index in the grid.

#7363 invalid [regression] Dojo Editor spawns multiple dijitEditorArea elements on Enter press - trunk version ergo

Ive attached a test case file for the problem,

it contains 2 editors - one (at the top) works fine, the other one is behaving very strangely, spawns multiple dijitEditorArea elements on Enter press. Testes by me and wild_bill.

When i use dojo 1.1.1 everything is fine, on trunk build it gets buggy.

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