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#347 worksforme widget.byId from a named frame liucougar dan - at -

Feature: Provide a mechanism to access a widget that exists in a frame on the same page.

#3818 fixed widget state classes bill bill

Form widgets (at least button-type widgets) typically have the following states:

  1. inert/hover/active/disabled
  2. checked (or not)
  3. selected (or not)

We set class attributes on Widget.domNode to reflect these states. Note that for tundra, a certain state may only affect a sub-node of Widget.domNode. For example, a ToggleButton? in "checked" state doesn't change the button itself, but only the icon inside the button. Nonetheless, we set the class on Widget.domNode so other themes have the ability to change the look of the outer node.

_FormWidget::_setStateClass() should set multiple classes on the Widget.domNode, based on the widget's states:

For a menu item that's checked and selected, it should set the class "dijitMenuItem dijitMenuItemChecked dijitMenuItemSelected dijitMenuItemCheckedSelected"

Current code has just a single class but that's led to tundra.css becoming very big.

#33 fixed widget parsing currently requires a parent dylan dylan

The current parsing of widgets needs some refactoring as it currently requires a parent node. I have a patch checked into webui/widgets/Parse.js, but it breaks other portions of the widget parsing system, especially programmatically added widgets, which needs cleanup on its own.

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