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#18835 wontfix blur/focus events does not fire in IE on few cases. bill ceejayrao

A simple test case to exhibit an issue that manifests using Dojo in IE only.

Test Case: Click on button, focus should move to text box and button disabled. On Blur of text box, button should be enabled.

Problem Statement: Click as fast as you can on the button, and notice that focus is nowhere very quickly, even though the cursor is blinking in the text box. After that clicking any where else on the screen, text box blur event does not fire.

#18834 invalid package name with "/" no longer works brianlschultz

The following package name "fd/mobile" does not work anymore for the dojoConfig or during the dojo build process. Maybe there is a different way to handle these now. It worked for us in dojo 1.7.3 but not in 1.8.6

We where able to fix in dojoConfig by using a map and using "fd_mobile" as name in package.

map: {

"*": {

"fd/mobile": "fd_mobile"



In dojoConfig: packages:[{name:'fd/mobile', location:'../../${AK_JS_PATH}/javascript/fd/mobile'}]

In build profile:



name: "dojo", location: "./dojo"

}, {

name: "dijit", location: "./dijit"

}, {

name: "dojox", location: "./dojox"

}, {

name: "wc", location: "./wc"

}, {

name: "fd/mobile", location: "./RAPIDStorefrontAssetStore/mobile/javascript/fd/mobile"



Please help us to understand how this needs to be resolved now. Thanks.

#18833 fixed FilteringSelect doesn't allow multiple characters to be typed in for filtering on iOS9 bill betheajenny

We have a customer report issues when selecting a date via a FilteringSelect? box, it takes the 1 for the year but unless you type really fast, it won't find a match for more characters.

We reproduced this behavior using the dojo examples: try type No for North Carolina or North Dakota and unless you're superfast, it will bring up Nebraska and will not reset the list for subsequent letters typed into the select box. This is impacting their end user experience.

Our customer is using dojo 1.9.7, but we have reproduced it on newer dojos also.

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