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#16296 fixed console.debug(NaN) produces error in IE9 Brandon Payton <[email protected]…> djtore

Environment: Windows 7, IE 9.

Somewhere in my code I have a console.debug() expression where the parameter evaluates to NaN

    console.debug(value); // value is NaN

I see in IE 9's developer console the following error message:

    SCRIPT5029: Array length must be a finite positive integer 

I can trace this to an Array.apply() expression in some code in dojo/_base/kernel.js

		typeof console != "undefined" || (console = {});
		//	Be careful to leave 'log' always at the end
		var cn = [
			"assert", "count", "debug", "dir", "dirxml", "error", "group",
			"groupEnd", "info", "profile", "profileEnd", "time", "timeEnd",
			"trace", "warn", "log"
		var tn;
		i = 0;
		while((tn = cn[i++])){
					var tcn = tn + "";
					console[tcn] = ('log' in console) ? function(){
// Produces error message when arguments contains an element with 
// value NaN			
			var a = Array.apply({}, arguments); 
						a.unshift(tcn + ":");
						console["log"](a.join(" "));
					} : function(){};
					console[tcn]._fake = true;

This can simply be reproduced with the expression

    Array.apply({}, [NaN])

or, when Dojo is loaded,

#17740 fixed dojo/window#scrollIntoView() broken on iOS on RTL page Brandon Payton <[email protected]…> bill

window.scrollIntoView() will scroll the page far to the left, even when it doesn't need to. Happens on RTL document on iOS, but works on chrome.

See attached test case:

  1. load page on iPad in portrait mode
  2. scroll to right
  3. press scroll "node" into view button

Since node is already in view, nothing should happen. Yet, the screen scrolls far to the left, vanishing all the text.

#6854 fixed Grid Selection Problem Bryan Forbes guest

Introduced in nightly build: 31/05/2008

Row number:0 (zero) is not maked as selected.

easily replicable choose any test for example: test_data_grid_empty.html

Something strange is occurring with row zero. The onRowClick is received.

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