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#10645 fixed -encode-unicode command line switch doesn’t have any effect Richard Backhouse davidaurelio

Using the -encode-unicode command line switch does not seem to have the effect described in the shrinksafe help.

$ java -jar  shrinksafe.jar -?
    -escape-unicode  Use Javascript \u#### notation for non-ASCII Characters.

$  echo '"\u03B1 ω";' | java -jar -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 shrinksafe.jar -encode-unicode
"α ω";

The expected result is “"\u03B1 \u03C9";” It does not work when using an input file, either.

#12959 fixed -webkit-tap-highlight-color:transparent has no effect on android ykami ykami

-webkit-tap-highlight-color:transparent should disable the tap highlight color, but it does not work on android.

-webkit-tap-highlight-color:rgba(255,255,255,0) seems to work on both iOS and android.

#13977 fixed .dijitTooltipContainer css does not set color of text in claro theme bill ben hockey

dijit.css sets the color for .dijitTooltipContainer as color: black;. the claro theme simply inherits this color from dijit.css rather than using the value from the theme (as set by @text-color in variables.less). this produces inconsistencies when trying to build a new theme based on new values in variables.less

the simple fix would be to add something like color: @text-color; to the .claro .dijitTooltipContainer rule in Dialog.less

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