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#109 fixed Compressor treats ++ (and probably --) incorrectly alex david

If you have the following:

var id = "dj_unique" + ++arguments.callee._idIncrement;

It gets compressed to:

var id="dj_unqiue"+++arguments.callee._idIncrement;

The compressor needs to figure that bad boy out.

#110 fixed Tabs are separated from their container in IE david [email protected]

With the HtmlTabs? widget, there is a substantial gap between the tabs themselves and the tab container in IE6. It looks fine in Firefox 1.0.6. The problem with IE6 can easily be seen with the test files (test_Tabs.html and test_Tabs2.html).

#111 fixed Tab panel container width of 100% causes both horizontal and vertical scrollbars anonymous [email protected]

In test_Tabs.html, setting the width in .dojoTabPanelContainer to 100% (which I would expect to be a common use case) causes both horizontal and vertical scrollbars to show up, when neither would be expected.

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