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#7325 patchwelcome [patch] dojox.xmpp doesn't work in IE when using script src due to iframe onload bug Dustin Machi joe1chen

When using the script src transport implementation, IE's issues with iframe onload prevent xmpp from working. The basic problem is that any iframe onload handlers set up by dojo.connect don't fire in IE (they are fine in Safari and FF).

The following line of code doesn't do anything in IE. dojo.connect(iframe, "onload", this, "_sendLogin");

A workaround is to use dojo publish/subscribe mechanism to do same thing.

Thus replace above line with dojo.subscribe("xmpp-transport-onload-" + i, this, '_sendLogin');

And then at the end of the dojox.xmpp.TransportSession?._iframeOnload function, call publish

`if (index == 0) {

dojo.publish("xmpp-transport-onload-" + index, null);


#7342 patchwelcome dojox.widget.Toaster not direct child of body nonken nonken

Taster needs to be direct child of the body because of absolute positioning. Otherwise it will position wrongly when in relative positioned elements.

#7358 patchwelcome dojo.dnd.Container: callback functions onItemInsert, onItemDelete Eugene Lazutkin chucky

Currently it is not straightforward to trigger some user action when an item is inserted into or deleted from the container. To this end I propose that Container constructor recognizes additional parameters: onItemInsert and onItemDelete of type function(container, data [,thisObj]). These callback functions would be called on insertion and deletion of an item, respectively.

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