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#7635 invalid *.layout.ContentPane .aspx target on IE6 anonymous stephan

Hi, I have a problem setting hRef property of a dijit.layout.ContentPane? to .aspx target on IE6. In generall it works fine, but on IE6 (in my case win2k) the pane content shows the text undefined after loading. I have tried to set the static HTML property href and set the href by Javascriptcode using the setHRef function. I see things in context with ASP.NET. Because pane text is "undefined" when I set href to a dynamic .aspx. Setting href to static .htm or .html file will work in IE6. All other browsers are working with .aspx files

How ever the same problem exists for dojo.widget.TabContainer?, dojo.widget.Accordion and the dialog widget.

I have also tried to set the enableViewState of my aspx page to false. Im not sure but i mean if i remove the [form id="unique_form_id" runat="server"][form] element from html code it works. But if I do that I can not render dynamic HTML code :( ...

I#ve tried to use the dojox.layout.ContentPane?, but it is the same behavior. I've also hooked the onLoad, onError and onDownloadError event. In Error event i can catch the normal page content. So how it should displayed in contentPane. I think it is not the usual way to use setConent for pane via onError event :( ...

I#m using DOJO 1.1.1.

#15715 fixed --copyTests should work with no argument, or improve doc Rawld Gill bill

I found that

{{{{ ./ --release --releaseDir /workspace/trunk-release --profile standard --copyTests }}}

gives an error message, while the deprecated syntax works:

./ --release --releaseDir /workspace/trunk-release --profile standard copyTests=true
#16420 duplicate --optimize comments --copyTests true broken (debugger statement) Rawld Gill bill

Running a command like

./ --release --profile profiles/webkitMobile.profile.js --copyTests true --optimize comments

gets the error:

error(356) The optimizer threw an exception; the module probably contains syntax errors. module identifier: /ws/webkitBuild/util/doh/runner.js; exception: (compile time:0.004s). OPTIMIZER FAILED: JavaException?: java.lang.RuntimeException?: Token: 159

The problem is that the comments "optimizer" doesn't like the "debugger" statement in util/doh/runner.js, but it is there on purpose:

if (doh.breakOnError) {
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