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#106 fixed strange "||" behavior in JUM tests and jum.debug() alex alex

attached test runner file outputs:

obelisk:/tmp alex$ rhino tmp.js js: "/Users/alex/projects/dojo/trunk/tests/prologue.js", line 6: Couldn't open file "../src/bootstrap1.js". js: "/Users/alex/projects/dojo/trunk/tests/prologue.js", line 8: Couldn't open file "../src/hostenv_rhino.js". js: "/Users/alex/projects/dojo/trunk/tests/prologue.js", line 10: Couldn't open file "../src/bootstrap2.js". (jsunit_wrap.js) got 1 test function names INFO: no setTimeout, not checking async completion (jsunit_wrap.js) no setTimeout, not checking async completion TEST: There are 1 test groups... TEST: group 'foo' has 1 tests to run... TEST: test 'bar' ... 4 DEBUG: true TEST: FAILED test '': assertEquals(foo) failed: expected |(new Number(4))| (typeof=number), but got |(new Boolean(true))| (typeof=boolean) TEST: ======================= TEST: Total tests: 1 TEST: Failed: 1 TEST: Error: 0 TEST: Skipped: 0 TEST: Passed: 0

When i should output "3" instead of "true" and the test should pass

#107 fixed dojo.dom.renderedTextContent is HTML style specific psowden Tom Trenka

dojo.dom.renderedTextContent looks for HTML-specific style properties to create the formatting; this is a great idea but should be moved into an HTML-specific place (such as html.js).

Ticket submitted per schontz request :)

#108 fixed apis and tests shouldn't be in release builds with -Ddocless=true alex david

Summary says it all.

Tests shouldn't be in releases in general, but they should probably be included until we get some good docs.

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