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#16146 patchwelcome (Safari/Chrome)Editor - Words should not display with Underline when unselect Underline button. Chris Gao


  1. Focus in dojo richtext editor.
  2. Click Underline and Strikethrough button, input some words.
  3. Click Underline and Strikethrough button again to unselect them, input some words, check display

Expect The new input words should display without any format

Actual The new input words still display with Underline (Chrome/Safari?) Underline and Strikethrough button will be selected automatically after unselect them and then continue to input words(IE9)

#3770 fixed (Tooltip)Dialog preload=true broken, TooltipDialog href not loading mumme mumme

Setting preload to true is broken in Dialog and TooltipDialog? Also TooltipDialog? href doesn't load

#1428 fixed (TreeV3) expandLevel and loadLevel TreeV3/TreeNodeV3 property values are not converted to integer representations ilia [email protected]

When specifying the expandLevel or loadLevel property for either TreeV3 or TreeNodeV3, it is not properly parsed into an integer representation. Instead, the value is taken as a string. This causes an issue when either of these properties are incremented, such as level+1 in the TreeLoadingControllerV3.expandToLevel method. Instead of being properly incremented (e.g. expandLevel="1" in markup becoming 2 in expandToLevel), it gets concatenated together.

To resolve this issue, I just added:

this.expandLevel = parseInt(this.expandLevel);

this.loadLevel = parseInt(this.loadLevel);

to the initialize methods in TreeV3.js and TreeNodeV3.js.

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