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#14841 duplicate widgetsInTemplate for dojox.dtl._DomTemplated widgets not working properly Michael Wu Michael Wu

I created two widgets based on "dijit/_WidgetBase" and "dojox/dtl/_DomTemplated": WidgetA and WidgetB.

In WidgetA's templateString, WidgetB is defined declarative, and widgetsInTemplate is set to true.

When WidgetA is instantiated, is gives:

TypeError: this.domNode.parentNode is null.

The problem seems to be that WidgetB's srcNodeRef isn't being set by WidgetA's widgetsInTemplate parsing code.

Manually doing parser.parse() inside WidgetA's postCreate() works well.

#1983 fixed widgetsInTemplate does not process nested widgets liucougar [email protected]

Sub widgets that are wrapped by, for instance, accordion panes or split panes, aren't processed. So dojoAttachPoint or dojoAttachEvent are ignored for those sub widgets.

I fixed by setting an attribute on nodes (watermark) and then check for the mark. If there is no mark, then its a wrapper widget (or something like that), so lets process its children.

On DomWidget?.js near line 586 I made:

  subnodes[i].setAttribute('_isSubWidget', true);
subnodes[i].setAttribute('_watermark', true);

and near line 618 change to:

if(cwidget.extraArgs['_watermark'] &&
   (cwidget._processedSubWidgets || !cwidget.extraArgs['_issubwidget'])){ continue; }
#239 fixed widgets provide no way through markup pass in to override their css alex dylan

It seems that the tab widgets do not allow you to provide an attribute for templateCssPath in markup that overrides the default css file.

With widgets that do not use dojo.lang.extend, this is not the case.

One possible solution would be to do something like this:

	this.cssPath = "src/widget/templates/HtmlTabs.css";

and then late have:

	templateCssPath: dojo.uri.dojoUri(this.cssPathValue),

that way a user can provide cssPath="" in their markup. Otherwise, it appears that the user either has to replace dojo's css file with their own, not include dojo's css file, or create css rules with higher specificity to override dojo's css rules.

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