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#18847 duplicate dojox.grid.DataGrid Stop Working in 1.11 dylan activepage

After upgrade to 1.11 all dojox.grid.DataGrid? in my aplication stop working.

I test in FireFox? and chrome, the tests in dojo don´t work and give me the same result.

WORK 1.10.5


All DataGrids? Gray and no item SHOW.


All DataGrids? Gray and no item SHOW.

I Think the problem is related to declare de colluns in HTML, but I´m not SURE. My declarations are iqual to the examples:

<table dojoType="dojox.grid.DataGrid?" class="grid" store="jsonStore" autoHeight="true" query="{ type: 'city' }" rowsPerPage="20" rowSelector="20px">



<th field="name" width="300px">Country/Continent? Name</th>

<th field="type" width="auto">Type</th>




#18846 invalid Issue while generating the gradient color for the plastic lighting in gfx3d in goolge chrome 50.0.x rajeshuppili

I'm using dojo gfx3d library for generating 3d cylinder graphics in my project. In google-chrome V-50.0.x the gradient color doesn't getting applied correctly and gets broken. NaN values are present in the fill attribute of the path element of the cylinder.

#18845 worksforme dijit tree expand collapse functionality bill deepakmathur110

When Dojo tree is in expand pane and any tree child element has long description then expand and collapse functionality does not work with child node which has long description. Help is required.

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