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#1147 fixed ScriptSrtTransport executing both timeout and connect functions at the same time James Burke Alejandro Molina R. (alejomc at gmail dot com)

when using ScriptSrtTransport??, in DSR mode, and there is a timeout, and the defined function for the timeout is invoked but hasnt finished execution, and at that precise time the script from the server arrives, both events would execute at the same time ( the timeout and the connect ).

looking at the code

this._finish(currentState, "load"); doneCount++; delete this._state[param];

it calls finish first, and then erases the state, allowing this race condition to happen, i tried changing the code like this:

delete this._state[param]; this._finish(currentState, "load"); doneCount++;

and it seems to work, but im not sure if i would be introducing a bug.

#9266 invalid dojox.Grid dojo 1.3.0 src DataGrid.js BUG Bryan Forbes Aleksey

getSortProps: function(){

var c = this.getCell(this.getSortIndex()); if(!c){

return null;


var desc = csortDesc?; var si = !(this.sortInfo>0); if(typeof desc == "undefined"){

desc = si;


desc = si ? !desc : desc;!!!!!!! MUST BE == !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

} return [{ attribute: c.field, descending: desc }];



#9306 duplicate can not reload grid after fetch error Bryan Forbes Aleksey

need add "this._pending_requests[req.start] = false;" to "_onFetchError: function(err, req){" (as in "_onFetchComplete: function(items, req){") in DataGrid?.js

this flag does't give to make new fetch:

_fetch: function(start, isRender){
		var start = start || 0;
		if( && !this._pending_requests[start]){

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