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#17955 fixed NumberTextBox places incorrect value in field on blur in a specific scenario Bill Keese <[email protected]…> Terence Kent

I've run into an extremely specific issue with NumberTextBox? fields where the value placed into the field on blur is not valid when a fixed width constraint pattern is used.

The issue is very easy to demonstrate and I've created an example to reproduce the issue here:

(Side note: I don't seem to have the ability to associate a priority with this issue, but if I could, I would mark it as low priority because I assume I one of only a handful of people who will ever experience it)

#18086 fixed RichText.destroyRecursive throwing errors from Destroyable.own updates Bill Keese <[email protected]…> ebittleman

Already have a fix ready, and the pull request is on its way. But, when destroying the Editor, the Destroyable tear down is throwing some errors due to a faulty call to this.own in RichText?.onLoad. Looks like it was sending the 'own' call and array of undefined. Not sure why this wasn't throwing errors in <=1.9.3 but I caught this in 1.10.0-rc1

#18113 fixed dijit/form/HorizontalRuleLabels: HorizontalRuleLabels#labels is static when not supplied on construction Bill Keese <[email protected]…> Johnny Shepherd

When is happens:

  • Programmatically instantiating
  • A value for 'labels' is not provided to the constructor

Why it happens:

  • The 'labels' member is declared and initialised as an empty array in the class declaration


	var HorizontalRuleLabels = declare("dijit.form.HorizontalRuleLabels", HorizontalRule, {
		// summary:
		//		Labels for `dijit/form/HorizontalSlider`

		templateString: '<div class="dijitRuleContainer dijitRuleContainerH dijitRuleLabelsContainer dijitRuleLabelsContainerH"></div>',

		// labelStyle: String
		//		CSS style to apply to individual text labels
		labelStyle: "",

		// labels: String[]?
		//		Array of text labels to render - evenly spaced from left-to-right or bottom-to-top.
		//		Alternately, minimum and maximum can be specified, to get numeric labels.
		labels: [],


A Fix:

Work Around: Supply a value for HorizontalRuleLabels#labels? when call the constructor eg:

var bob  = new HorizontalRuleLabels({
            container: "topDecoration",
            style: "height: 12px",
            minimum: 0,
            maximum: 0.9,
            count: 10


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