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#18850 invalid allow setting content-security-policy unsafe-eval mode via run-time configuration amb

It would be ideal if dojo would allow setting content-security-policy 'unsafe-eval' mode via run-time configuration.

This feature would allow consumers of dojo 1.11.1 to set a content-security-policy without using 'unsafe-eval'. Currently this is possible only as a build option, but consumers via CDN or other scenarios where building isn't available can not easily enable this option.

In my opinion, This would be better if this was the default, but I'm guessing it might break some things so perhaps it isn't practical to be default.

For reference, this is the error that is seen when dojo is loaded without 'unsafe-eval' set in the browser content-security-policy:

dojo.js:348 Uncaught EvalError?: Refused to evaluate a string as JavaScript? because 'unsafe-eval' is not an allowed source of script in the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline'". @dojo.js:348(anonymous function) @dojo.js:1973 test.js:93

See this thread and it's follow-ons for discussion:

#18849 fixed dijitTabPane css class not removed from TabContainer child when removeChild is called bill fin-ger

Removing a child widget from a TabContainer? and adding this widget to a BorderContainer? results in appearance issues, as the dijitTabPane class is still present in the child.

When manually removing the class between the removeChild and the addChild everything works as expected.

As the addChild method of the TabContainer? adds css styles to the child widget I would expect the removeChild method to remove those css styles from the child widget.

#18848 fixed dojox/mobile/Switch renders improperly because resize() is not called on startup dylan Martin Minka

fix implemented in ticket #18353 causes that resize() is never called on startup.

this causes that the switch is not correctly rendered

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