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#18687 fixed Wrong alignment of Dojo Pie chart tooltip in RTL layout. Eugene Lazutkin AhmedMustafa

The tooltip of the pie chart is not aligned correctly when the pie chart is mirrored.

steps to reproduce: 1-open this file with FF <localhost:port/dojoroot>/dojox/charting/tests/BidiSupport/mirror_Pie_smart_label.html 2-move the mouse over Egypt

result the tooltip is aligned to the right of the pie chart

expected the tooltip should be aligned to the left

#8092 duplicate _DateTimeTextBoxes do not work on FF3 using frames AkelGe

Using dojo 1.2.x DateTextBox? and TimeTextBox? show a strange behaviour if used in a frame on FF3. The picker (either Calendar or TimePicker?) shows up, but, as soon as a date or a time is selected (by clicking) the picker closes, but the new value is not reported in the input box. Opening the frame alone the DateTextBox? and the TimeTextBox? works fine. The problem is simply reproduct by creating a page with only a DateTextBox? inside. The problem is not present on Safari.

#1140 fixed problem testing for string in ScriptSrcTransport James Burke Alejandro Molina R. (alejomc at gmail dot com)

when using ScriptSrtTransport?, I configured a 5 sec timeout, and a check string "x"

I then emit a request to the server, lets suppose that the server takes 10 seconds to answer the request. the registered TimeOut? function is called as expected. but given that the server do answer the request later, the script is loaded ( defining "x" ).

when I emit again a request to the server, then dojo immediately calls the registered load function ( again, because "x" was defined by the late response from the server ) with the old data .

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