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#97 invalid Comparing dojo.uri.Uri with == can be misleading ... class needs a comparator? sjmiles [email protected]

There is at least one place (dojo.xml.htmlUtil.insertCssFile) where Uri objects are compared with == (reference equality) when a 'value' comparison of the objects is intended.

Probably dojo.uri.Uri needs a comparator function.

At least, insertCssFile needs to be modified so it's testing e.g., the toString()values of each object. Also, we should watch out for other places where Uri's are compared with ==.

Re: severity, having a comparator (or not) in Uri is not a big deal, the bug in insertCssFile is potentially worse. Anyway, I left the severity at Normal.

#98 fixed IE6.0 doesn't support overflow property alex [email protected]

test_htmlEffects.html and test_wipe.html show error message on IE6.

#99 fixed Drag & Drop w/absolute positioning is broken alex [email protected]

I have a web page where the drag & drop zone are positioned absolutely. (Is it possible to attach testcases to this bug database ??? If not, I can mail you the testcase.)

  1. The drop zone doesn't accept the draggable
  2. When you release the draggable it slides back to the wrong position
  3. When you release a draggable, the style information should be restored to it's original value. However, it is set to position=absolute (regardless of the original setting) This causes problems during scrolling, window resize, etc.
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